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Protect your investment in solar energy systems! Hire our efficient Pigeon Proofing Geelong service

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Our Pigeon Proofing Geelong Experts Devise Tailored Solutions According To Your Unique Problems!

Our Pigeon proofing Geelong experts thoroughly clean out the nests as well as accumulated droppings from under and around the solar panels. Along with that, they will be carrying out the installation of the pigeon mesh around the panels of your solar energy system to prevent the pigeons from coming back.

The bird nesting under the solar panels leads to damage as well as a reduction in the efficiency of the Solar energy system. The pigeon nesting leads to the build-up of the debris and causes damage to both the panels as well as the roofs. The pigeon proofing service carries out the cleaning of the nesting, and removal of debris while at the same time installing a barrier for keeping the birds at bay. And this fully ensures that the solar panels of your property remain efficient and your home keeps on looking its best.

Opting for our best pigeon proofing Geelong service helps you to address all such issues and safeguard your investment thereby ensuring optimal performance of the solar panels and preventing the subsequent costly repairs.

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pigeon proofing geelong

Residential Pigeon Proofing

Don't let the pigeons and other pesky pets diminish the value of your investment in solar energy. contact us today to learn more about our residential pigeon-proofing service in Geelong. Protect solar energy investment from unwanted and pesky guests! Get in touch today!

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Commercial Pigeon Proofing

With the help of our remarkable & best pigeon solar panel protection products and proofing services, you will be capable of reducing the overall frequency of pigeons and other birds and others nesting under and around the solar panel, subsequently leading to massive savings from the damages owing to the bird dropping on the Solar Energy System.

What Makes Our Pigeon Proofing Geelong Service Different From Others?

pigeon proofing geelong

Why Choose Our Pigeon Proofing Geelong Service?

Our company prioritizes the safety of your entire property throughout the process of pigeon-proofing. This is through the best service by our technicians. The most efficient and best pigeon-proofing methods are highly efficient and effective and extend long-lasting protection without causing damage to your solar panels/roofing.

With thorough cleaning and maintenance of solar panels, our pigeon-proofing technicians have all the expertise to address the unique challenges of protecting the solar panels from birds.

Our team utilizes premium-grade materials & customized solutions to ensure the highest level of productivity for the solar setups on your property.

Our experienced & industry-leading tradesmen are not simply pigeon-proofing your solar panel, but also cleaning the guttering system, leaving your property in a highly pristine condition. Our company takes pride in offering extraordinary bird proofing service in Geelong region which enhances both the functionality and efficiency of your solar energy system.

Achieving immense client’s satisfaction is one of the focus of our bird-proofing Geelong experts. Thus, we provide clear-cut communication, professional guidance, and advice, with a transparent pricing policy ensuring an extraordinary experience throughout the -pigeon-proofing process.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Pigeon Proofing Geelong Service

When you hire our professional pigeon proofing Geelong experts, you will be able to prevent any kind of fire risk, or damage to the roofing, extending the overall lifespan of your solar energy system and ensuring the optimal production of energy.

The solar panel meshing that our team installed will also stop the large build-up of debris, leaves, and sticks under and around the solar panels.

The durable and stainless-steel material coated mesh our pigeon-proofing specialist will install will keep your solar panels completely safe from the birds, providing long-lasting productivity against the pigeons and extending the overall lifespan of the solar energy system.

Protect your investment in solar panels with the help of our pigeon proofing Geelong service!

To get started with our bird-proofing service in Geelong, give us a message or simply contact us through a call!

Geelong's Leading Pigeon Proofing Company

The pigeons, possums as well as other birds find the warm and sheltered spaces underneath the solar panels ideal for nesting. The debris as well as the droppings causes the blockage of the sunlight reducing the efficiency and energy production from your solar system at home.

Don’t let the pigeon and other Birds diminish the overall value of your solar system. Contact us today to learn more about our pigeon proofing Geelong services and how our team can assist you in maintaining the most efficient, clean, and safest solar energy system!

Our technicians will always let you know in case a tile has been cracked or under condition when they come across any broken tiles carrying out the installation work. in case of any roof tile cracks/ breaks, the technician will replace and repaint the same free of charge.

If you have Solar panels installed in your property, then you would probably be very familiar with the bird’s issues. The bird droppings on the solar panels will reduce the capacity for maximizing its ability to generate electricity. and this is because commercial pigeon proofing experts can assist you in your efforts to control the bird menace.

In case you are having a problem with the pigeons & other birds, get in touch today to arrange a consultation. Our pigeon proofing experts in Geelong will be assessing your individualized problem and devise are tailored solution!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our technicians will pigeon-proof your solar panel through the installation of the solar panel bird mesh to the system. The procedure that we utilized to install the solar panel pigeon proofing provides 100%  protection to the solar system in your roofing. Also, we utilize eco-friendly and durable mesh material, providing coverage to every side of the solar panels.

The pigeon-proofing mesh after the installation will provide long-lasting protection from the birds. Our pigeon-proofing mesh is highly durable and it is coated with stainless steel material. A single bird-proofing installation is sufficient for keeping the solar panels of the system safe from nesting by the birds & also increases its lifespan.

Our professional pigeon proofing Geelong experts and installers will be charging anywhere between $18- $30/ meter and it is also depending upon the level of difficulty of installation.

The physical dimensions of the mesh depend upon many factors. it relies upon the geometrical shape of your solar system layout. and also another key determinant is the solar array which is split into several sets of panels. And of course, this is dependent greatly & varies from system to system. Thus, our pigeon-proofing experts will be making accurate and precise calculations before the final installation.

Our method of bird proofing & installation does not need any kind of drilling or dismantling of your solar system. This will actually make sure that the mess installation does not compromise the mechanical integrity of the solar panel. And ultimately there will be no downtime when the process of mesh installation takes place.

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